A Guide to Measuring Your Small Dog for a Harness

So, you got a small pupper and you want to score the perfect small dog harness for them? Cool, let’s make sure we nail the fit so your little buddy can trot alongside you, comfy and safe. No one likes a harness that pinches or one that’s a magician at slipping off, right?

Why the Perfect Fit is a Big Deal

Alright, let’s get into why snug equals hug for harnesses. If it’s too tight, it’s gonna rub your dog the wrong way. Too loose? Your furball might pull a Houdini and escape. The goal is a small dog harness that’s just right, making walks chill and controlled.

Measure Like a Pro

Grab a soft tape measure or just a string and a ruler, and let’s get down to it. You’re going to measure:

Neck Circumference: Circle the tape around the neck where the harness would sit. Not too snug – slide two fingers under there to keep it real.

Chest Girth: Find the broadest part of the chest, right behind the front legs. Same drill with the two-finger rule here.

Picking the Harness That Rocks

With your dog’s stats on hand, find a small dog harness that matches those numbers. Don’t just go by weight alone – size matters more.

When shopping around, think about:

Material: You want soft and comfy, not scratchy and annoying.

Adjustability: Straps that adjust are the bomb, giving you that custom fit.

Ease of Use: If it’s a pain to put on, neither of you are going to be into it.

Reflective Stuff: If you’re out when it’s dark, shiny bits on the harness can be a lifesaver.

Fitting It Like a Boss

You’ve picked out a dope small dog harness? Sweet! Time to try it on.

Harness Intro: Let your dog sniff it. Treats help make it the new best thing ever.

Strap Adjustment: Before it goes on your dog, get those straps in the ballpark of fitting.

Suit Up: Pop the harness on. No twists, please!

Final Tweaks: Tighten it up so it’s snug but not constricting – don’t forget the two-finger rule.

Comfort Check: Your dog should be able to move like they’re harness-free. No chafing, no complaining.

If your dog looks good and feels good, you’ve aced it. Keep an eye on them the first few times they sport their new gear to make sure it’s all thumbs up. Now go hit the streets, the park, or wherever – you and your small dog are ready to roll with that small dog harness fitting like a dream. Happy trails!



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