Create a Dog Chase Toy Obstacle Tunnel Using Plastic

Let’s jump right into this awesome DIY project: creating a fun tunnel for your dog chase toy using plastic stuff. It’s a cool way to keep your furry buddy entertained by moving around and using their nose. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to building a dog tunnel.

Materials you’ll need

Here is the material needed.

Flexible Plastic Pipes

These will be the backbone of your tunnel. PVC pipes work great because they’re bendy and sturdy. Get the right size based on your dog’s size and the tunnel’s planned dimensions.


You’ll need T-shaped connectors, elbow connectors, and straight connectors to piece the pipes together. Make sure they fit your pipe size.

Puppy-Friendly Fabric

Pick a tough, non-toxic fabric for the tunnel cover. It should be breathable and easy to clean. Heavy-duty nylon or canvas is a good choice.

Zip Ties or Velcro Strips

These are for securing the fabric to the plastic frame. Choose strong and durable ones.


To trim the pipes and fabric to the right lengths.

Measuring Tape

For getting accurate measurements when cutting the pipes and fabric.


Use them to mark where you’ll cut and assemble.

Steps to Create the Tunnel

You can follow the steps.

Measure and cut pipes

Figure out how long you want your tunnel and cut the plastic pipes to fit. You’ll need some straight pipes for the body and elbow connectors for curves, if you want them. Don’t forget to factor in the height and width of your dog.

Build the frame

Use the connectors to piece together the plastic frame. Connect the straight pipes using T-shaped and elbow connectors to shape the tunnel. Make sure it’s sturdy and won’t wobble.

Add the Fabric

Lay the fabric flat and place the plastic frame on it. Leave some extra fabric on each side to cover the tunnel’s edges. Attach the fabric to the frame using zip ties or Velcro strips. Keep it snug but not too tight to allow airflow.

Secure the ends

Gather the extra fabric at both ends of the tunnel and secure it tightly to the frame. You can fold it over and use extra zip ties or Velcro strips to keep it in place.

Test It Out

Once the fabric is securely attached, give the tunnel a test run to make sure it’s safe and steady. Make any necessary tweaks to the frame or fabric as needed.

Introduce the Chase Toy

Pop your dog’s favorite chase toy into the tunnel and invite them to explore. Use treats and positive vibes to make it a fun adventure.

Keep an eye on playtime

Always watch your dog while they’re playing with the tunnel. Make sure they don’t chew the fabric or mess with the structure.


Making a tunnel for your dog’s chase toy is a super fun DIY project that spices up their playtime. It’s a total win-win – your furball gets a workout for body and brain, and you get that warm, fuzzy feeling of making something cool for them. So, dive into these steps, keep it safe, and enjoy the game as your pup goes tunnel-crazy!



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