Maple Skateboards Are Trendy, But Do You Actually Need One?

The widespread acceptability and usage of maple skateboards by many street skaters worldwide is the current trend. These skateboards are strong, durable, and, most importantly, suitable for both professionals and beginners.

Nonetheless, despite their growing popularity, some skaters believe that maple skateboards are not suitable for everyone. And you’d like to know if these skateboards are a good fit for you before making a purchase. The following is the truth.

Why are maple skateboards so popular?

Skateboards have a long history in the world of sports, dating back to the 1800s. These skating tools come in a variety of styles, and because of this variety, one can afford to buy skateboards that best suit their skating needs.

Maple skateboards are well-designed

Maple skateboards are currently popular because the majority of street skaters prefer them over other types of skateboards. These skateboards are beautifully designed and are ideal for skating enthusiasts with an eye for aesthetics.

Furthermore, because these skateboards are resistant to wear and tear, the possibility of using them for a long time while maintaining their appearance is quite high.

How tough are maple skateboards?

Maple Skateboards are made from maple wood, which has the best texture and durability.

Maple Skateboards are strong and durable, in addition to their flashy designs. These skateboards are made from wood that is known for its flexibility as well as toughness.

Furthermore, for the vast majority of skaters, one of the most important factors determining the quality of skateboards is their ability to withstand shock from hard landings. And maple wood comes out on top: according to a recent survey, maple skateboards can effectively withstand on-ramps.

Most importantly, Maple Skateboards have a two-year average lifespan that can be extended with proper care and maintenance.

Who can use maple skateboards?

As a skater, you can use maple skateboards just like any other skateboard. Because these skateboards do not require any special techniques, they can be used by both professionals and beginners. Pro skaters benefit the most from the Maple Skateboard. Various street skaters prefer this skating tool because it allows them to show off their skills without having to worry about how long it will last.

Maple vs bamboo-maple skateboards

Given the superior qualities of both maple and bamboo, manufacturers prefer to use both kinds of wood to construct skateboards. Maple woods are strong and shock-absorbing, whereas bamboo has better fluid resistance and is as strong as maple. However, using both blocks of wood in a single skateboard is not recommended. Because hybrid skateboards are more expensive than maple skateboards, they will still break easily, resulting in a waste of money.


Maple Skateboards have shock-absorbing properties that no other skateboard can match. Furthermore, they are strong, rigid, and tough, with a lifespan of more than two years if properly maintained. Their physical appearance is also pleasing. Although bamboo skateboards are lighter, more resistant to water, and strong, maple skateboards provide a more robust skateboard that can last for years. So, if you like to skate, you’ll very much need one of Maple’s skateboards.



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