The best way to charge your Honor Magicbook 14

When you take care of things they last and a laptop of those devices can last long if well taken care of. The Honor Magicbook 14 is one of the best pieces of virtual gaming technology. If kept correctly, your computer can run for years without needing another upgrade.

In the process of owning your laptop, you have to be very careful in its usage and keep it protected. It is very important that you know how to take care of your laptop and how to go about doing so. Why keep on switching your laptop while it is not that old because of a few issues.

The magic book is a relatively new laptop, and if you have one then you will want to protect it. It is not rocket science to take care of your laptop but there are a few things that you can do that will help it last longer.

How to Take Care of Your Honor Magicbook 14 Laptop

Make sure that you keep the Magic Book away from liquids. Not only does liquid damage the hardware but it also damages the operating system as well. If it gets wet, turn off the laptop immediately and turn it over so that any excess water can drip out of the case.

Heat accelerates aging therefore its important to always keep your computer cool. Computers have “thermal throttling” mechanisms that reduce performance when they get too hot to reduce heat generation, but then they don’t work at full capacity. A cool computer works better and lasts longer.

You should clean your Magic Book every other month at least once and more often if it is your main computer. Just wipe down the keyboard with a soft cloth and make sure that you clean out between keys with some canned air or an air compressor.

Charging Your Honor Magicbook 14 Laptop.

The Honor Magicbook 14 is equipped with a 3960mAh battery, and it can last for 1 hour and 8 minutes when playing videos online. But how long does the Honor Magicbook 14 battery load? If you are using a laptop, its recommend that you charge the battery in time. Because the element inside the laptop will be easily damaged after being abused with too much power and heat.

New laptop battery must be charged before use, because it easily has no charging function. To avoid charging failures and damage to your device, please charge your device as soon as possible when your battery reaches 5%.

In order to provide the highest charging rate, we recommend using the original charging plug and charging cable. During the charging process, please make sure that your laptop has been turned off, or at least in sleep mode. If your laptop is in use during the charging process, it will greatly reduce the speed of charging.

The best way to charge your Honor Magicbook 14 laptop is by using the power cable that came with it. The laptop will also charge if you plug in a USB-C cable to a compatible power supply or USB-C charger, but you should make sure that the charger or power bank supports USB Power Delivery to charge at the maximum speed.

Place the Honor Magic Book 14 on a flat surface during charging. Don’t place anything on top of it; otherwise, heat can’t dissipate properly and may cause extreme temperatures to damage the screen or other device components.

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